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Fito and Diana Santos continue with the proud ranching tradition started by Lloyd and Anita Vaughn. During the 1980's Lloyd Vaughn Sr. purchased over 5,500 acres on productive brush land in eastern Webb County, home of stout antlered whitetail deer. Diligently, they worked the land for both cattle and game.

The many visitors to the ranch would marvel at the quantity of white tail deer available at his ranch. "Feed your deer well and they will always be nearby." he used to say.

The next generation continues to build on his success with the untamed "Monte" (brush lands). The Santos' own and manage part of the original acreage which is located between Laredo and Freer and presently breed registered Limousine cattle and whitetail deer.

White Tail Deer Hunting for the season offers a variety of bucks that will fit everyone's needs, from management bucks to trophy bucks.

Our Deer Breeding Program includes genetically superior deer that contribute measurably to the quality of our herd.

Our game hunting includes an abundance of quail and hog. Contact us for more information at

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